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As a leading brand in profession hair care, CYNOS Color System links hair color to worldwide fashion. CYNOS upholds a reverence for hair color technology, worldwide inspiration and fashion trends. All products are formulated to bring outstanding results when applied by professionally trained hairdressers. The formulas focus on easy application, brilliant shine, smooth pliancy and improving the condition of the hair. CYNOS brings invaluable benefits to hair industry and to its customers.

Brief History

In the year of 2003, CYNOS built its first production center in Guangzhou. In 2007, it set up a R&D center as well as the second production center in Canada. Now CYNOS has built up a worldwide sales network, and developed distributors in Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Morocco, Syria, China and the Philippines.  

CRP stands for Cleaning, Repair and Protect System. It is a complete product line that includes shampoos and conditioners specially developed for all kinds of hair types and various treatments that protect hair from chemical and environmental damages.

Vertu Texture is an advanced wave system that has been especially adapted to suit different hair structures. Unique formulas create resilient, perfectly contoured waves with lasting body and a lustrously healthy look. 

Only Styling by Cynos provides full hair styling range products containing hair gel, hair mud, hair wax, hair paste, hair spray and so on. There is no limit to create any and every amazing hairstyle you want.