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I was worrying about the lifting power and gray hair coverage of non-ammonia color, Argan De Luxe gives me a big surprise!

Amy Liu, Concept V Hair Salon, Guangzhou

As a salon owner, I always wanted to provide a best atmosphere for clients, the smell during coloration is a big headache. Fortunately, the problem is resolved with Argan De Luxe Non-Ammonia Color.

Joseph Garren, Garren London Salon, London

I told my clients that coloration does no harm to health. However, it is difficult for them to believe because of the unpleasant smell. Now Argan De Luxe Non-Ammonia Color speaks by itself.

Andy Chow, In Style Hair Salon, Hongkong

I am a super fan of Argan De Luxe treatment products, so I try out the new Non-Ammonia Color, and it surprises me again! Awesome!

Stephny Diago, Hair Habby Salon, Singapore