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Naturies Keratin Straightening System employs a unique combination of ingredients to safely deliver straight hair while minimizing damage.

Permanent straightening systems, such as hair relaxers and the Japanese straightening systems can be highly damaging to the hair and very irritating to the skin. The trendy “Brazilian hair straightening systems” operate at lower pH conditions, but typically require the inclusion of formaldehyde at concentrations greater than 10x of the concentration considered safe by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel(USA).

This new Keratin Straightening System provides straightening effects without having the disadvantages of other treatments. It is carried out using a combination of mild components. The Keratin Straightening System accomplishes its straightening by making use of a novel combination of: A urea straightening active complex innovative protecting and restructuring hydrolyzed keratins.
The actual straightening mechanism is complex, but highlights of the effects from each of these components are provided below.


  • The use of hydrolyzed keratins is critical for optimal performance, as they provide functional benefits to the straightened hair in terms of protection, strengthening, restructuring , and moisturization. The Keratin Straightening System makes use of several classes of hydrolyzed keratins to yield multi-faceted benefits. These include:
    Strengthening Keratin
    KERAWIS™ works particularly well at strength lost due to chemical treatments. It both penetrates the hair to plasticize and strengthen cortical keratins and forms a lubricating film to protect the cuticle. Both effects lead to stronger and healthier straight hair.
    Reactive Keratin
    The system also makes use of Naturies’ proprietary heat activated reactive keratin to enhance its performance. NATURSONE™ CYSTINE cross-links under heat to provide a protective shield on the surface of the hair, while also penetrating into damaged hair where it can covalently react with sulfhydryl groups on hair to protect and restore hair integrity. NATURSONE™ will also form a protecting the hair from thermal damage.
    Film Forming Keratin
    The system contains several keratin-based film forming keratins, whose molecular weights have been optimized to form protective, conditioning films on the hair surface that keep hair looking and feeling healthy. KERAFILL™, a native hydrolyzed keratins rich in cysteine, has been demonstrated to work particularly well in straightening products, as it not only forms a protective film but can also react with free thiol groups, reducing the progressive relaxation of the set. KERAFILL™ also forms a protecting, smoothing substantive film.
  • The efficacy of the urea complex is further enhanced through the use of Naturies’ innovative NATURFOS™ CS20A and NATURFOS™ HCE phosphate ester technologies. These emulsification and structuring systems are proven to more efficiently deliver such reactive ingredients to the hair as hair dyes, thioglycolates, peroxide and lye, and when used in this Keratin Straightening Treatmen the phosphate esters promote penetration of the urea straightening complex into the hair fiber.


Is the straightening mechanism based on formaldehyde?

No, formaldehyde or other aldehyde family ingredients are not used for the straightening effect. Rather, the Keratin Straightening System accomplishes its straightening by making use of novel combination of: innovative protecting and restructuring hydrolyzed keratins, and a urea straightening active complex. For more information about this, please refer to Naturies Innovation.

How long does the treatment last?

Depending on the hair types, this treatment will last 4-6 weeks. For best results, use Naturies Keratin Straightening System as directed and continue the use of the Keratin Daily Shampoo and Keratin Daily Conditioner after treatment.

Is this system safe to use on bleached and/or colored hair?

Many of the panelists that used our system did have bleached/colored or even preciously relaxed hair. This treatment did not discolor the hair as what other treatments have been known to do.

Can this system be used on different hair types?

We have seen effective results on various hair types including Caucasian, Indian, African, American and Hispanic.

Do I have to continue to straighten hair after subsequent shampoos?

It is not necessary to straighten hair after each shampoo unless desired by the consumer. Some panelists wanted to continue to straighten hair and many used straighteners to add style back to the hair. Many panelists did comment that it took a shorter time to blow dry and style hair after the treatment, making hair more manageable.

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